Take It Away, Readeville!

Dear Readers,

A few updates from our learning in Readeville…

1. In maths, we have been investigating subtraction and how words like ‘remove’ and ‘difference’ can help us with our understandings in this area. The children were asked to show three different ways to work out a subtraction question. We have also started some maths rotations, which aim to help learners practise fluency within their ‘stretch zone’ (so, not too easy and not too hard). In geography, we have been exploring how maps help us to understand place – the children loved using Google maps to see different views of their world. In health, we have been looking at what makes a good sport and what fair play looks like (i.e winning and losing graciously). In writing, we have been exploring the role that characters play in stories and we also enjoyed using a ‘mysterious’ prompt to help inspire us during a writing session outdoors.

2. A huge congratulations to the runners in Readeville for the role they played in the whopping total raised during our Lap-a-thon – a key school fundraiser. The children were super excited to have the details on the note below revealed at our school assembly today:

3.  We also launched Book Week at our assembly today. We are looking forward to sharing the wonderful world of books together next week. Please make sure you return the consent form and payment for the Book Week performance of Super Duper next Thursday if you have not already done so. The dress-up parade for Book Week is next Friday (August 25). Attached is poster for other Book Week details:

4. Please send in swimming consent forms and payment if you have not already done so (thanks for your generous support with all of our learning – we are aware that there have been quite a few requests for payment during the past few weeks). Swimming is in week six.

5. We are pleased to have Crystal back safe and sound, with her injury stitched up. Our other class mascots – Geoff, the Golden Lion Tamarin, and Platy, the platypus, were thrilled to see Crystal return and helped her get back into the swing of reading:

6. Below is a copy of our learning plan for this term. Thank you again for all the support you provide at home.

Finally, we hope you enjoy these photos of our learning:

Thanks and regards,

Rachel and Michelle

PS We’ve talked a lot in Readeville about being a community and working as a team. So we were touched when one of the students drew this picture of the Readeville teaching team. We hope you enjoy it. See you next week.


Cosmic Times

Dear Readers,

We wanted to share this Cosmic Eye video with you, because it was a big hit in Readeville today. We played it as part of our inquiry into place (it provides some great talking points for measurement, too). No doubt your child will enjoy watching it with you again if you have the time.

Also, a friendly reminder that Readeville’s oral presentations start tomorrow. Please see the roster that we sent out (it’s also on the previous blog post) for your child’s session.

Thanks and regards,

Rachel and Michelle

Notices and Reminders…

Dear Readers,

There have been lots of notices sent out lately. The following is a reminder and “check in” to make sure they have all reached home:

Swimming Notices: Please sign and return the 2 notices and money ASAP. Swimming Week is week 6  (commencing Monday 28th August)

Book week performance: Please return signed notice and money ASAP. The performance is on Thursday next week (24th August).

Oral Presentations, Father’s Day Breakfast and Father’s Day Stall notices (copies below)  we’re all sent out recently.

Parents and Principal Forum notice (copy below), will be sent out tomorrow.


Rachel and Michelle





School Photos Tomorrow

Dear Readers,

Just a reminder that school photos for Room 24 will be taken tomorrow (Tuesday). Our scheduled time slot is 11:30, although sometimes classes are called before or after their scheduled time.

Please send along your photo order form to school with your child.

Thanks. Say cheese!

Rachel and Michelle

Injured Tasmanian Devil – Can You Help?

Dear Readers,

One of our class mascots, Crystal the Tasmanian Devil, is injured. She has quite a big hole in the stitching under her neck. Lots of children in the class have said someone at home would be able to help fix Crystal, but we thought we would check with a blog post first.

If you are able to sew up Crystal’s injury, Room 24 would be very grateful. It would be a small, hand-sewing job. (Animal-handling skills are a bonus.)

Please see us in the classroom if you can help.

Thanks and regards,

Rachel and Michelle



Lapping it Up

Dear Readers,

Well done to Room 24 on their fantastic efforts during today’s Lap-a-thon. The children tried their hardest and encouraged each other, all in the spirit of fair play. Thanks to all of the parents and other relatives who donated money, sponsored children or came along to show their support on the day. We’re very excited to see how much we raised.



Also, congratulations to Room 24 on all of their efforts preparing for the assembly this week and presenting it today. What a Team Machine!

See you next week.

Rachel and Michelle


Lap-a-thon and Housekeeping

Dear Parents,

A few quick items of housekeeping:

1. Please watch out for this note about Friday’s Lap-a-thon, which is due to come home tomorrow:

If children would like to dress up for the Lap-a-thon, they can come to school in the morning in their costumes. Please note, we are asking that costumes are easy for the children to change out of, so they can get back into their school uniforms without too much fuss before we host the assembly. We are also asking that there is no face paint or hairspray or masks as part of costumes. Sponsorship forms will need to be returned by this Friday (August 4) so we can record children’s laps at the end of the day (completed forms will then be returned home).

2. Swimming information and consent forms are also due to come home this week.

Kind regards,

Rachel and Michelle

Maths – Working It Out

Dear Readers,

Well done to Readeville for another positive week!

1. Learning highlights: In maths, we started an investigation around counting and calculating. This included the children showing their thinking and explaining their working out by creating a poster to convey their learning. We have talked a lot about maths being about team work, creativity, conversations, sharing ideas, depth and connections, rather than about speed, ‘getting the right answer’ and a quiet classroom!

We’ve also explored estimating as an explicit mathematical skill to help us work out how many. The children have been practising estimating by visualising a previous collection and comparing to predict an amount (rather than simply guessing). We have thoroughly enjoyed using the website Estimation 180 to help practise estimating skills. Here is the address if you would like to explore estimating together at home: www.estimation180.com

We’ve also started our geography inquiry into how and why places change. For health, we have been investigating the nature of fair play and team work. The children also participated in a road-safety presentation by the RAA.

For writing, we have been discussing this question: What makes a great story? We look forward to working with our teacher-librarian, Simone, to bring this question to life through rich, engrossing narratives.

Lapathon: Please keep collecting sponsors if possible for our school Lapathon next Friday (August 4). The children can wear fancy dress if they would like, as long as their costume is still safe for running.

2.Assembly reminder: A reminder that Room 23 and Room 24 will be hosting the lower-primary assembly next Friday (August 4), from 11:10 in Langley Hall. Please join us if you can.

3.School swimming: Just some ‘forward notice’ that school swimming will be held in week six of this term. Please look out for more information and swimming consent forms, which will come home during the next few weeks.

4.School photos: Please note, the form for school photos was sent home this week. School photos will be taken on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th of August (watch this space for confirmation of photo days for Readeville).

We hope you enjoy the photos below.

Rachel and Michelle

Welcome to Term 3….

Hi Readers,

I hope you have all had an enjoyable break with your child/children and are ready for another exciting and busy term.

Just a reminder that Monday is a Pupil Free Day and school resumes on Tuesday 25th July.

This term our specialist subject times have changed. Please note that Room 24 now has JAPANESE at 8:50 am every Tuesday morning. Children will have JAPANESE first lesson back at school on Tuesday. To avoid disruptions please try to be prompt for this lesson, however if you are running a little behind time on any Tuesday morning please encourage your child to make their way straight to the JAPANESE room and organise their belongings when they return to class after the lesson.

We look forward to seeing everyone refreshed for the new term ahead.

Rachel & Michelle

Special Moments

Dear Readers,

A huge congratulations to all of the citizens of Readeville on a fantastic term of learning! Some recent highlights have included:

  1. Special Person’s Day: Well done to our singers and actors for a stellar performance and thank you to all of their special people for making the day such a hit.
  2. Readeville garden: The children have harvested the beetroot, carrots and peas that they planted and raised in our garden. We also did a taste test between produce that comes fresh out of the ground and vegetables that come from the supermarket. The children loved feeling, smelling and eating their own crops – and we now have more space for new garden plantings next term.
  3. Toy inquiry: The students have been busy designing a toy for our inquiry ‘What is the best toy ever?’ The children had to follow design criteria to ensure that their toy was environmentally friendly, inexpensive, long-lasting and could be played by children everywhere. There were some highly creative suggestions, including variations on Scissors, Paper, Rock, a version of skittles involving dice and marbles that were made out of non-toxic paper-mache so they would not harm any animals that may eat them if they accidentally ended up in waterways.
  4. Maths: We have been exploring how ones become 10s and how 10s become hundreds as part of our work on place value. The children have been very enthusiastic exploring the value of digits.
  5. Disco: There were some seriously funky moves on display at our school disco! For many children this was their first experience of going out independently after school. Their attitude and behaviour on the night were exemplary.
  6. Farwell Minjae!: Another of our Readeville citizens left us this week. We will miss Minjae’s positive outlook and strong friendships with others and we wish Minjae and his family all the best for their move interstate.
  7. Early dismissal and pupil-free day: Just a reminder that tomorrow is early dismissal (the children will leave at 2:10). It is also a casual day – children can wear footy colours (no gold coin required). Please note, day one of term three is also a pupil-free day.
  8. Assembly: Room 23 and Room 24 will be hosting the lower-primary assembly on Friday, August 4 (week two). It will start at 11:10 in Langley Hall. Please come along if you can.
  9. Lap-A-Thon: A friendly reminder about our school lap-a-thon on Friday of week two (August 4).
  10. We hope that you enjoy a rest with your child. If you are looking for homework ideas, please keep reading and practising basic number facts. We will also send home children’s passwords for Storybird so they can create stories during the holidays if they would like to.

We hope you enjoy the photos below. Wishing you all the best for a safe break ahead. Thanks for your support in the classroom and at home. See you next term!

Rachel and Michelle