A Bug’s Life

Dear Readers,

Here are a few important updates about our adventures in Readeville:

1. Oxford Words: Today your child took home the latest spelling assessment of the Oxford Words. The words that are grey/white are the words your child could spell in term one. The highlighted words are the words that your child was learning from term one and can now spell. Words in black are for your child to practise.

We thank you for your support in helping your child practise two or three words from the list each week as part of home learning.

2. On leave: Michelle will be on leave and out of the classroom during weeks eight and nine. The wonderful Sue Speechley will be continuing with our program during this time. Michelle looks forward to hearing all about Special Person’s Day on her return in week 10.

3. What are we learning about? The photos below capture some of our key learning points from the past two weeks:

The SRC shared information about the Salvation Army’s Winter Appeal; we have been exploring poetry as part of English; we are making sure we use correct maths language to describe numbers, digits, numerals and number names; our spelling investigations took us through the different letter combinations that make the ‘ay’ sound; and one of our nature missions took a design-and-technology turn when the children had to create a shelter to protect an insect from the elements.

Wow, what expert learners! We hope you enjoy the photos.

Rachel and Michelle

Long Long Weekend…

Dear Readers,

Just a reminder that Tuesday is a STUDENT FREE DAY. Teachers will be involved in a Maths training day with other schools in our area. Enjoy the break and we’ll see you back recharged on Wednesday 14th.

These 2 notices came home in your child’s reading folder this week…..

Rachel & Michelle

Toy Stories

Dear Readers,

Another busy fortnight in Readeville. Here are some highlights:

Inquiry: The children have been highly engaged in our latest history and geography inquiry question: What is the best toy ever? The students started by playing their favourite games and then discussed the differences between games and toys. They also had to be researchers and mathematicians when they examined historical photos of toys and had to chart them on a timeline from oldest to newest.

Nature Missions: Our latest nature missions have been create a nature band and follow an insect. The children have been completely immersed in these independent investigations, which require creativity and mindfulness.

National Simultaneous Storytime: The children loved taking the cow masks that they made to share the story The Cow Tripped Over the Moon.

Health: As a follow-on from the play Bully No More, we have been investigating what bullying is and where it might happen in our world.

Spelling: We have been testing the children on the Oxford words. Look out for your child’s updated word list in their blue reading folder during the next two weeks.

Special Person’s Day: Look out for notes coming home early next week with information about is important school event.

We hope you enjoy the photos. See you next week.

Rachel and Michelle


Mission Accomplished

Dear Readers,

A few highlights from the past couple of weeks:

Outdoor Missions: This week, the children in Readeville completed their first ‘outdoor mission’, as part of Outdoor Learning Day. The children have loved setting up our garden and watching their own patch of nature take shape, and were excited to extend their focus to other types of learning outside. This week’s mission: Get from point A to point B without being seen by a single bird. We hope to complete an outdoor mission each week.


Farewell Bella: We said farewell to Bella this week because her family is moving interstate. The children enjoyed a popcorn party to celebrate Bella and all of her learning at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School. Bella has been a remarkably caring, thoughtful, conscientious member of the Readeville community and we wish her and her family well.

Novel discoveries: Simone, our teacher librarian, reviewed a whole lot of junior fiction for the year twos, many of who are discovering the delights of novels. The children are now super excited to get back to the library to choose a new batch of books to enjoy.

Read to Someone: We are practising fluency and also celebrating shared stories as part of our reading program. In maths, we are investigating this guiding question: What makes a pattern a pattern? We are also continuing to build a positive culture around working through maths problems and challenges. In handwriting, we are working on correct formation of the letter b and the letter d.


Also, just a few items for future reference:

National Simultaneous Storytime: Next Wednesday (May 24) is National Simultaneous Storytime, which we will be enjoying along with other classes from the school. A picture of the book that will be read is attached:

Board games: Next week, Readeville will start an inquiry into toys and games – their past, their future and what makes them successful. This inquiry will be linked to a pilot 3D printing project at the school. As part of this, we are asking children to bring along a non-electronic game (eg a board game, elastics, knuckle-bones). We will need the games by next Thursday (May 25) please.

Bully No More: Next Tuesday (May 23), the children will be watching the play Bully No More, as part of our Health curriculum. There is no cost for this play.

See you next week!

Rachel and  Michelle

Shhhh….Plastic Bag Please….

Dear Readers,

Could you please send along a named plastic bag tomorrow or Friday (shhhhh….we can’t tell you why….it’s a surprise).

Also, please send along $5 tomorrow if you would like your child to buy a gift from the Mothers Day Stall (as per the notice which was sent home on Tuesday in your child’s blue reading folder).


Rachel & Michelle

Skateboarding Inspiration

Dear Readers,

This term, we are starting to look more deeply at ‘what to do when we don’t know what to do’ – particularly in terms of maths problems.

The children brainstormed other words for ‘problems’ that they may come across in maths and other learning areas and came up with puzzles, challenges, missions, mysteries, ‘confusions’ and investigations.

We watched this video about blind skateboarder Tommy Carroll:

We were all inspired by Tommy, particularly his words “falling is a skill you get good at”. The clip reminds us of the importance our mindset plays when facing challenges – and of the rush that happens when we finally achieve something that feels scary or uncertain.

Hopefully you can find a few moments to watch the video with your child and talk about how it applies to taking safe risks.

Also, glass jars! A final friendly reminder to please send along a glass jar with your child tomorrow for our science experiment. If you have a couple of spare jars at home, too, please send them along if you can.

Thanks and regards,

Rachel and Michelle

Term 2 and First Week Highlights….

Dear Readers,

The term began with a flying start. We have had a very busy week of learning and preparing for the weeks ahead…..

Special Persons Day: This will be held on Wednesday of Week 9 this term (28th June). Every child (R-2) will be involved in singing several songs for the Special Persons Day performance. Year 2 students will have an opportunity to audition for a speaking role too. A notice was sent home on Friday with details about the auditioning process for these roles. Your child may choose whether or not they wish to audition. More information about Special Persons Day will be sent out shortly.

Reminder: Thanks so much to the many parents who have sent in a small jar for our upcoming science experiment. If you haven’t done so already please send in a small jar or plastic container on Monday (as per the note below):

A busy term ahead: Please see the term overview below:

Highlights of the week…

Legends!  Congratulations Room 24 and Room 22 on consistently demonstrating our school values of care, respect and safety during library visits. Our VIP morning was a well deserved reward!!



Rachel and Michelle

Pupil Free Day Reminder and Welcome Back…….

Dear Readers,

We hope you have enjoyed the break from school routines and your children are recharged ready for another busy term ahead. A little info relating to the week ahead….

Student Free Day: A reminder that the first day of term 2 is Tuesday 2nd May. Monday is a student free day; teachers will be at the school involved in a Professional Development Program.

Odd Socks: If you have an odd spare sock at home please send it along with your child during the first week back to school. The children have opportunities to communicate their learning in a variety of ways (other than just pencil in their books). One of their favourite ways is using individual mini whiteboards and markers. Socks are used as an eraser for the whiteboards and also a handy way to store individual markers.

Maths challenges: Some of you have asked about home maths challenges for the students. One starting point is the resource Nrich (nrich.maths.org). This website is full of puzzles and challenges that encourage children’s mathematical engagement and thinking in a wide range of ways. If you do explore Nrich at home, we would love to hear any feedback about what your child liked about it (or didn’t like, if that’s the case). We hope you enjoy it.

Rachel Absent: Rachel will be attending a Mathematics Conference on Thursday and Friday (4th & 5th May). We are fortunate to have Dawn Drewer to continue with room 24’s learning program on these days.

We look forward to a wonderful term of learning ahead!

Kind regards,

Rachel and Michelle

Looking Forward to Learning and Growing More in Term 2

Dear Readers,

It is hard to believe that it is the end of the term already!

We have enjoyed a busy and productive term with many highlights including lots of learning and the beginning growth of Readeville’s garden.

It’s been great working with you and thank you for all the support you are providing at home with your children’s learning.

Have a safe and happy Easter holiday break.


Rachel & Michelle